Selected Links to Work By and About Eric Darton


Elective Affinities

  • El Taller Latino Americano – one of New York’s premier cultural spaces, combining language institute, gallery, music venue, y más. The place to study Spanish en esta ciudad. Headed by the profoundly brilliant Bernardo Palombo.
  • Words Without Borders – indispensible source for world literature in translation.
  • The Cookie Studio – gorgeously saturated visual images baked onto and into delicious biscuits.  These are masters of a new and ancient art.
  • New York Internal Arts – Tom Bisio's website is a key resource for the health care and martial arts communities. An eminent practitioner and teacher of traditional Chinese medicine and Ba Gua Zhang, Tom has authored several books including Strategy and Change, "a meditation on the application of strategy to all facets of human interaction."
  • The Architecture of Change: Building a Better World – a rich collection of essays edited by Jerilou Hammett and Maggie Wrigley.

Compañeros Cultural

  • Gioia Timpanelli’s Told & Retold radio program – featuring her wondrously rich storytelling.
  • Marta Aponte Alsina’s blog, Angélica furiosa – extraordinary postings (in Spanish) from a brilliant novelist and critic.
  • Beth Kephart – beautiful writing in a range of genres.
  • Susan Tepper – one of the most gifted contemporary writers and poets I know.
  • Michael Hill – Blues as Tao – this is the man.
  • In The Dust Zone – a powerful mix of text and images by Maggie Dubris and Scott Gillis.
  • Uwe Mengel – dramaturg and writer of rare originality.


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